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Long ago, people would house their most cherished objects inside a box made of alabaster. The precious mineral—pliable and rare—came to symbolize that which we hold dear. The sentiment of the alabaster box guides everything that we do, reminding us how sacred homes truly are.

“We are anchored by the idea that we are creating homes for families and the most precious things in their lives.”

Herman Kwee, Partner

About Us

Alabaster Homes is a premier builder of homes. We draw our inspiration from meaningful design that spans centuries and nations, from our communities, and from the balance and harmony found in nature.


How we go about our work matters as much as the work itself. Our homes reflect our process, which is to put people first, to care deeply about the spaces we create, and to complete every task with integrity.


In everything that we do, we aim to serve. Within and outside of the homemaking process, service is how we care for our neighbors, communities, and cities. We interpret service as putting others needs before our own, and this principle guides everything from how we design and build to how we approach every interaction.


We build authentic, long-lasting connections with all those who take part in making our spaces a built reality. To achieve this, we take a familial approach and strive for a culture of transparency and respect, allowing everyone to thrive, do their best, and grow concurrently.

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To us, a home is more than the sum of its parts. It’s an environment in which to grow and rest. So much of our wellbeing is determined by our environments, which is why we take great care to create serene spaces that will grow with you.

Our Team

Our intimate group brings decades of local development experience to the table. We have long collaborated with leading architects and designers to establish a new approach to homebuilding. Our unique homes are the result of these fruitful creative partnerships.

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“It really all starts from your own people and it spreads from there.”

Nick Poon, Partner

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