Our Holistic Philosophy & Approach

We take our responsibilities as home builders seriously. For us, that means being an advocate for the homeowner throughout the entire home buying process and well after completion.

Our Approach

Broken down into three phases—build and construction, handover, and homeowner care—our approach ensures transparency and quality throughout the homebuilding and homeowning process. By bringing everything in-house, we’re able to build quality homes and promise positive interactions.
  1. Build & Construction
  2. The Handover
  3. Homeowner Care

Build & Construction

Rather than outsource our building, we’ve taken care to grow a reliable construction team with whom we share the same standards of excellence. Our team approaches the building process with the same care and consideration that goes into every design decision, concept, and personal interaction.


It’s the little details—not an imposed sense of grandeur—that define luxury at Alabaster Homes. A home is one of the biggest purchases a person can make in their life, so we approach every detail with the same care and attention as a discerning homebuyer would. Each element from the quality of the paint that covers the walls to the alignment in the moulding and trim commands our scrutiny and care.

We bought a townhouse with Alabaster Homes, and it was great to see their level of care for quality.

Oya Yaşayan, Homeowner

The Handover

There is perhaps no better moment than when we walk you through your new home and hand you the keys. As home builders, we recognize that our role is to give you the most thoughtful canvas on which to make the space your own. We understand that moving into a new home is exciting and, at times, overwhelming, so we are here to answer your questions and help however we can.

Our Guarantee

The most important part of what we do happens when our homes become yours. It is the memories that you will make, the rest that you will have, and the roots that you will plant that we keep in the front of our minds in every decision we make. As such, we do not simply step away when our work is done. We offer a 2-5-10 warranty on your home so that you can assured your most sacred place is tended to for years to come.

2 years coverage on labour and materials
5 years coverage on building envelope
10 years on the structure of home

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Homeowner Care

Our dedicated Homeowner Care Portal helps our homeowners submit service requests and answer questions regarding their residence as efficiently as possible.

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